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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Power2U Wall outlet

As a builder and tech user, I've tried to come up with a solution to the question, 
"Where can we charge our mobile phones?" And it's not only phones, is it? We've got digital cameras, we've got tablets, laptops, GPS AND MP3 players. Plus if you use rechargeable batteries, there are those chargers. So many devices and so few places. 
These devices while charging are scattered all over the place and in my mind could/should be located in a central location. These "charging stations" could be located in mud rooms, near desks, entries or nightstands. A conventional receptacle doesn't have the capacity to charge more then 2 devices and can become cluttered. 

 Newer Technology Inc. has come up with a clever solution. The Power2U is an AC/USB wall outlet that not only is a conventional wall receptacle but also has 2 USB charging ports (for 3.0/2.0/1.chargeable devices) 
"An energy efficient "Smart Power" design with Safety Shutters reduces energy costs by providing only the charging amount needed as well as turning power off to USB ports when a connecting cable is removed."
Although I really like these Power2U outlets, as of now, they can't be used in new construction because of the tamper-resistant requirements of the NEC 2008 code. I have communicated with Newer Technology Inc. and they are working on such a tamper resistant outlet.