Friday, January 27, 2012

Recent Projects

Here are some projects from the last few Months. What an exciting time! New jobs and some stirring in the economy.
                                      2- story Garage-

Remove old garage.(all wood, shingles, cement, everything, taken to American Waste's Sorting/Recycling facility in Kalkaska, MI.)

  • Foundation work and Backfill.

  • Frame, shingle, install windows and button-up Tyvek DrainWrap.

  • Install pre-painted Cement Board siding.

  • Frame interior and Insulate (with both Cellulose and Icynene). Garage was insulated also with Cellulose.

  • Use of Recycled materials or components- There should be a mention of the use of products from Odom's in Grawn, MI in this project. I've mentioned this business before. We purchased the 16' x 7' overhead garage door, opener, bath vanity/top and water closet room door. We used mis-ordered windows from Lowes and this great window from the Dog-bin section of a local Window Supplier.

  • Finish upstairs with water closet room.


  • Bath Remodel-
Another way to facelift a bath or kitchen is to remove old and/or damaged doors and drawer fronts, paint/stain the cabinets and install new countertop, new hardware, lighting and new doors.

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