Friday, July 4, 2008


It was time... We were ready... Time to tackle the bathroom...
 Over the years. as I learned more about Green building and the new products and techniques available, we had made many changes to our own home. 
The bathroom was next on the list. You see, as a Green Builder. I don't want to just "sell" green jobs to my clients, I want to live as green as I can. I need to try these products; experience is the best teacher. Live with them and see how they stand the test of time. Practice on ourselves before I recommend a product to a client . 
While green building techniques are the correct way to do things, the products can be subjective (ie: which no-VOC paint is the best? ). We used Pittsburgh Pure Performance.
  • We started with expanding the door into our linen closet. The existing bifold was only 2' wide, although the closet width was over 3'. This made it difficult to remove and return larger blankets, quilts and stacks of towels. We bought a door to fit the new opening at a reuse-it shop. (I take a lot of doors, windows, cabinets, etc. to this shop through my remodeling business) A couple coats of no-VOC paint, it looked like new.
  • The floor needed replacing. Very dated! I didn't want to tear it and the underlayment out because I didn't want to contribute it to the landfill. Ceramic tile would require this to occur and it is cold on bare feet. The height difference between the hall wood floor and the existing bath floor was 3/8", so we needed a flooring that would bring the floor level close to the hall floor. We chose Marmoleum Click. This product is a floating floor with a cork backing, is treated to repel water and is easy to install and maintain. 18 colors to choose from. We chose Caribbean. 
  • We added an Ikea cabinet above the toilet area to get the storage out of the vanity.
  • We kept the existing vanity, again to save on the work, waste stream and cost of replacing. Paint is a great way to turn old into new.
  • New countertop, faucet and sink. The countertop is formica, which could be argued isn't green, but I purchased the formica from a local lumberyard's "dog bin". Every lumber company has this area so-called for mistaken orders, discontinued or unused products. I may have saved this from being thrown away. For those of you remodeling, check this area out. You can find windows, doors etc. and save money and landfill space.
  • Caroma dual-flush toilet. Made in Australia. This a great way to conserve water.
Please enjoy this video of before and after.