Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Lighting Post

Over the last few years we've converted almost all of our incandescent bulbs to compact florescents. In earlier posts, (here) and (here) I've discussed the lifespan of CFLs versus Incandescents (6000-15000 hrs and 750-1000 hrs. respectively). But eventually, they grow weary and burn out. These CFL's contain a small amount of mercury so they shouldn't be thrown out in any circumstance. If you're fortunate enough, like I am, to have a place to take them, who will recycle them, please do so. As I've mentioned in a previous post, for those living in the Grand Traverse region of northern Michigan, The Lighting Center will take them for 25 cents per bulb. 90% of the bulb is recycled, including the mercury!
There's also some exciting and Green lighting choices. Juno has some great recessed lighting options. See this .pdf for a catalog of CFL fixtures. They also have their Trac12 system, a LED Track lighting system that is fantastic for mood and attention grabbing lighting.