Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It all starts here!

Let me begin with just a few words about the concept of green building. As in most things in life there are varying degrees of "greenness" and I think every degree is good. There are those that feel they should only build with straw bale construction or recycled tires, to those that can only swap out their incandescent bulbs for florescent. Whatever you can manage is going to help your pocketbook and the environment.
I've been building and remodeling homes in northwest Michigan for 14 years. I didn't always build green, I'm reluctant and a little ashamed to admit. There have been practices and procedures that I've gradually added to my business without realizing they were green. It just was common sense. On remodeling projects I've reused materials (ie. torn out studs) on the same project or the next one. Removed windows, cabinets, sheeting etc. can be taken to a local resale shop. Last year on a deck remodeling project we removed 800 sq. feet of 2x4 treated decking and stacked for future projects. The homeowner was pleased that she didn't have to pay for the landfill expense and wasn't contributing to more environmental degradation. She has projects in mind for that stacked lumber too.
What I plan to do with this Blog:
Part of my job as a contractor is to educate my clients on the best practices, products and procedures for any given project. I hope to continue here. I'll be sharing links to sites that are green in philosophy and have green products. Comments and questions are welcome.